Where does “Natural’Innov” come from?

Natural’Innov combines « Natural » and « Innovation » aspects. These beautiful values flawless reflect the guiding thread of a products range created by riders for riders and horse lovers. Without forgotten a touch of passion and performance.

Our observation

The whole industry, the whole trade will end up being a huge single bazaar, where you will get everything.
Emile Zola

The “natural” trend is exploding in animal health & nutrition sector to offer alternatives permitting to reduce the use of chemicals and medicines (as antibiotics for example). This leads the industries to change their vision and practices.

Nowadays, an important part of nutritional and care products offered in the equine market are often low concentrated in active ingredients, diluted on carriers and insufficiently explicit on their formulation.

Our approach

Every great difficulty carries with it its own solution. It forces us to change the way we think in order to find it.
Niels Bohr

Our priority: stay open-minded and attentive to your needs, in order to create a high standard small range, minimizing brokers to provide you the best solutions at affordable costs.

Keeping in mind innovation, our team daily scrutinize novelties and advances in technical and scientific researches worldwide, allowing us to invent performant formulations for you.

Our solution

Nature always does, according to the conditions at her disposal and as much as possible, the most beautiful and the best things.

Assuming that main issues faced in equine market can be solved by a natural solution, we chose to focus on this niche.

According to this view, it is important for us to follow environmentally friendly actions as well as our beloved equines.

Our ambition

It always seems impossible until we do.
Nelson Mandela

Without forgetting to inform and educate with kindness horse passionate people on different subjects, we would like to offer an innovative and complete range.

This nice story starts with Natural’Digest, already recognized for its efficiency. From now, the objective is to develop new highly concentrated and natural recipes brining a true added value.

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I started Natural’Digest after another ulcer crisis of my mare, for which the vet had prescribed omeprazole treatment. Since she is under Natural’Digest continuously, no more ulcers and no more chemical treatments!
– Léa –

I used Natural’Digest on one of my horses at work. A thoroughbred 5 years old who was not in good condition when he arrived. After a few weeks at home and not seeing any evolution I tested Natural’Digest. Since then it has taken a lot of weight in just two weeks of use. It has proven to be very effective in supplementing the feeding of Thoroughbreds, which are often difficult to maintain in good shape. I recommend it.
– Jeremy –


They trust us